“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.“ Proverbs 31:10


Listen to the women of Harvest Bible Chapel Rockford as they share how God used WONC to transform them, their homes, marriages, and relationships.

“After my third marriage, I found myself repeating old patterns of behavior and falling into bitterness and anger. At that time I was introduced to the Wife of Noble Character Bible study and God’s plan for my marriage and life. Our marriage is now strong and loving and I am teaching WONC to other women.”

I learned from WONC that I need not only to read God’s commands, but to also accept them and follow them. Everything God does for us and rules He gives us are only for our good and given because He loves us. Submission is not a bad word; it is our God-given role in life to obey and yield to our husbands and that we are equals but not interchangeable. My husband is to have the final say and I am freed by that. I LOVE it!  –  Jill, small group leader

I came into this study struggling with feelings of hatefulness towards my husband, knowing my heart is hard and not really wanting to try. I now have overcome most of the hatefulness and have been able to make greater strides toward forgiveness. I will need to go over this material again and ask God to soften my heart.  –  Kay

This Bible study has had a tremendous effect on my behavior and attitude not only towards my husband, but also towards my family and friends. It’s helped me to remember to put my focus back on my husband and that it’s not all about me. I’ve stepped up to the plate more with a sensitive and forgiving heart.  –  Sue

Every week in this study I have been taught, challenged, held accountable, had the scab pulled off hidden feelings, and emotion; all as a result of God’s powerful Word to me. But every week as I worked through the lessons I was given hope and amazingly felt my hard heart begin to soften. I need o make understanding and loving my husband my #1 priority. I have such a long way to go, but am hopeful and I am a work in progress. This entire study needs to become my life long study.    –  May, Bible teacher

Through this study I became a believer and want to dedicate my life to Christ. I now look forward to and enjoy reading the Bible everyday, and look to God to make me happy and meet my needs. I go to Him first. I’ve learned to love unconditionally, and can’t believe that the answer to almost every possible question or doubt is in the Bible. I am trying to control my thoughts and words, show love to others, serve others, submit to my husband in everything, forgive others, be slow to anger, be less moody. I have been lavishing praise and gratitude on my husband, and am joyful and filled with an excitement I have never experienced before.  –  Donna

I learned that I have got to spend time in God’s Word daily. I can’t go it alone, even for a day. I have recommitted to loving my husband and trusting God.  –  Sarah

Before taking this Bible study I had filed for divorce but decided to try the study.  There I learned that my husband was not the problem for me to focus on, but I was! The practical and profound lessons had momentous impacts on my life and marriage. When I stepped out in obedience and trust to God, He caused things to fall into place in many areas. There is now much cause for celebration. –  Julie

God showed me that when I look at marriage as He intended, then I can find peace and fulfillment of the relationship. I thought everything was my husband’s fault. God has shown me that I must change things on my side of the equation, and revealed my sin. I used to see my whole marriage as being all about me. My marriage was headed for divorce and I now have hope. Almost every idea I had about marriage was wrong. This study deepened my reliance and trust in the Lord, and opened my eyes to all I was doing wrong.  God is in control and working in every circumstance.  –  Linda

My husband has seen changes in my behavior, and that has motivated him to change his approach to me. Looking to the Lord to meet my needs took huge pressure off of me. I loved the weekly exercises, though some were difficult to master.  –  Carole, small group leader

This class has enriched my understanding of God’s love and sovereignty. This has been more about developing my own character than changing my marriage. Although, I do see my husband’s positive responses to my growth. I think he values and respects me more.  –  Lyn, women’s ministry leader

After pulling out all my foundations, God used this class to rebuild my life and marriage. It was a gift from God…having it to go to week after week. He restored my broken marriage and put me in the perfect place to hear His voice often and clearly.  –  Shannon

My husband said I’ve become much more positive and less self-consumed…less worried or concerned about how things affect me. I have realized that there is greater peace and joy in our home by really thinking less about me and thinking more about my husband’s needs and desires. The class helped me to appreciate who my husband is and to be grateful for him in my life.  –  Grace